The Most Famous Styles of Kitchen Cabinet

The first step for arranging kitchen and kitchen cabinet decoration is knowing the details and knowing the types of kitchen cabinet styles. Each style has its own characteristics, and the establishment of these styles makes the kitchen’s beauty unique. You can choose one of the styles considering your taste and order the kitchen cabinets accordingly. In the rest of this article, you can learn the different kitchen cabinet types and their differences.

1- Modern style

Modern cabinets are generally made and designed with smooth and regular lines, with one or more simple colors. The most important factor of modern decoration is simplicity in all parts of the kitchen. Smooth and polished surfaces such as glossy high-glass cabinets are placed in this hand. Geometric shapes such as squares and circles are clear in the modern cabinet style.

2- Modern MDF cabinet style

Modern cabinets and contemporary cabinets are two different types of cabinets that are often confused with each other. In the 20th century, the style of modern cabinets became very popular. But today, cabinet designers have gone further and moved a bit of the rule of modern cabinet style. So that by choosing the style of today’s cabinet, you can also use disturbing lines and curved lines. This will not happen in the modern style. One of the features of today’s practical cabinet style is to brighten up the space. Today’s cabinets are out of the formal mode of modern cabinets and have more flexibility.

3-Industrial cabinet style

Industrial cabinets became popular during the industrial revolution in Europe. This style is as if the industrial cabinet is a renovated version of an industrial building. The use of wood next to metals is one of the distinctive characteristics of industrial cabinets.

4-Minimal cabinet style

One of the most popular styles in kitchen cabinets and decoration is the minimal style. This style is very similar to the modern style. But it is easier and more convenient than that. The colors used in this style are mostly neutral and gorgeous elements are not used in these cabinets. White is one of the most common colors in minimal-style kitchen cabinet designs. By choosing this style, it is necessary to remove all the extra objects. Another characteristic of this style is the use of two contrasting colors next to each other. This contrast can reduce the neutrality and uniformity of the space and establish balance.

5- Transitional cabinet style

The transitional cabinet style is one of the most popular styles among cabinet styles. This style of cabinet is considered a bridge between traditional and modern cabinets. If you like both modern and traditional styles, this style will strike a balance between modern and classic. They tend to use neutral colors in transitional-style cabinets. As you can see in the picture, the cabinet doors and handles are traditional styles, but the order and lines are related to the modern style.

6- Scandinavian cabinet style

The Scandinavian cabinet style shows the simplicity of people’s life in Northern Europe. Scandinavian cabinets are close to the minimal style. Or on the contrary, this is the minimal style that was inspired by the Scandinavian style. 

7- Western traditional cabinet style

In the traditional western cabinet style, we see the use of classic elements along with modern and modern appliances. A variety of textures is another feature of this style. Using modern cabinets next to stone walls has displayed this style. Traditional cabinet style is rooted in European sensibilities in kitchen design.

8-French cabinet style

The French are very fond of warm and soft colors such as shades of red, yellow, and gold. Among the types of kitchen cabinet styles, decorative dishes are also used in this style. As you can see in the picture below, cabinet doors also have frames and handles that are slightly different from other styles.

9- shabby chic kitchen cabinet

In the elegant evening style, we see old-style decorations, white colors, antique decorations, etc., which will remind us of French and English palaces. Creating a space with a gentle and elegant feeling is one of the features of these cabinets.

10-Hollywood cabinet style

Hollywood cabinet style is one of the types of kitchen cabinet styles in the design of which there is a great desire to make the kitchen more luxurious and magnificent. One of the distinctive features of this style is the use of glamorous accessories. Hollywood cabinets, mostly use stunning colors such as gold, purple, red, and turquoise. This space will remind you of Hollywood movies. These cabinets are also known as luxury cabinets.

11- Coastal cabinet style

This cabinet style, which is also known as the Hamptons style, is inspired by the coastal regions of America. One of the prominent features of this style is the use of blue and white or green colors together. This design aims to create a sense of relaxation for people, and its use became very popular in beach houses.

12-Bohemian cabinet style

Bohemian style is also one of the most popular styles among cabinet designers. In this style, almost no law will limit you. Bohemian-style cabinets use a gypsy style in kitchen design. This style also reflects your taste to turn your kitchen into a work of art. You can use any color for this.

 13- Rustic cabinet style

Rustic cabinet means faded cabinet. Stone and wood are usually used in this style of cabinet. The design of the cabinet with a rustic style creates an honest and unpretentious atmosphere. With this style, you will step into a world of simplicity and purity. Rusty metals and rotten wood are used in the construction of rustic cabinets. Of course, their appearance is like this and it has a lifespan like other cabinets. If you are interested in nostalgia, then this style is created for you.



As indicated, the types of cabinet styles are very diverse. But none of these styles should limit your mind. According to your taste and needs, you can make these styles more practical and create your unique style.