About us

It all started years before Sasan Farajollahzade (Sam) was born. As the founder of a family business, Sam’s Grandfather owned a Carpentry Workshop in Iran, where he also taught his sons the art of wood carving. Later, Sam’s father, accompanied by his elder brother, expanded the business by designing and creating wooden doors and kitchen cabinets.

Born in a carpenter family in 1985 in Iran created an opportunity for Sam to establish a successful firm in the wood-making industry. Sam pursued his education at university, which provided him with the required experience and knowledge for starting his business. He founded his first workshop in Iran by the name of Tehran Door, which is still active and provides wooden doors. After moving to Canada in 2012, Sam founded SamWoodWorking with his previous experiences and dedication to his passion. Sam’s gained experience and the technology involved in SamWoodWorking created a new era for the family business.

At SamWoodWorking, we try to deliver the desired quality at the most reasonable prices. You can trust us with your kitchen, bathroom, cabinet, and vanity. We promise you the highest quality because you deserve it.