as you know melamine is the term that refers to a manufactured type of plywood. That is Sheets of paper are mechanically injected with a type of resin that can bond to the surface of particleboard without the use of an adhesive in a high temperature. Melamine is used to make everything from kitchen cabinets to residential and commercial furniture and shelving.

Melamine is also a type of synthetic material that’s composed of different things, such as wood particles, glue, resins and even paper. Having a paper and resin finish means that melamine cabinets are available in a wide variety of styles and colors and different shapes. The colors they come in are usually solids or design kitchen cabinets in richmond hill come in multiple shades of faux wood grains and melamine can play a role in a wide range of flame-resistant materials. These include textiles that are used in upholstery and the uniforms worn by firemen. Melamine is also used in the manufacture of thermal liners, heat resistant gloves, and aprons.

Melamine cabinets are known and famous for their attractiveness, durability, and affordability also for their flame and chemical resistance and water proof feature come from melamine formula.

To expand the following features more, it is good to explain the structure of this material and talk a bout especial formulation. melamine is an organic compound that when combined with formaldehyde forms a durable thermosetting plastic it can cover a variety of materials and household objects but Melamine furniture is making from a manufactured-wood substrate, like MDF (medium density fiberboard) or plywood, that has been covered in melamine laminate. The melamine resin gives these otherwise lower-quality materials a very durable and attractive finish! This is what makes melamine furniture, like cabinets, office desks, and display counters, and so many other furniture and all of the things can make by woods, in many cases using melamine laminated furniture is the less cost effective, lightweight, and convenient choice for the customers. the melamine itself is waterproof, and it can be chemical or flame resistance what is fully dependent to how the installation will perform, while melamine is very durable, if you incorrectly install or assemble a piece of laminate furniture in a way that damages its particle board, it could cause the melamine to chip and the life time will completely depend on the mentioned item. Melamine is made by heat-sealing a substrate between paper which has been saturated with thermally fused melamine resin and the substrate can be plywood, MDF, or pressed wood. Thermally fused melamine is a mixture of formaldehyde in 500 Centigrade or higher degree and melamine which is fused into larger and safer molecules.in total to explain melamine material, we should say it is cost effective, beautiful, and easy to clean and durable but it is important to find the person who is skillful in installation to benefit of this material in our furniture .