About us

Sam was my nickname as I was growing up and still named up to now. My name is Sasan Farajollahzed   born and brand in Iran. I was born in 1985. My grandfather had a small carpentry workshop and made classic wood working where he also did amazing wood carving. My father and elder uncle also got involved and started to make wooden doors and custom cabinets which helped to expanding the workshop. 

As a child growing up in such a creative and amazing wood works environment, I got inspired and started helping out at the workshop. I got very involved and liked it so much that I never wanted to miss a day at the workshop designing and making amazing doors and cabinets. At the age of eighteen I went to university to study further having in mind to have more knowledge that would help me open up my own workshop. I was successful and had my own first business called Tehran Doors and it is still going on in my country, Iran. As years go by I decided to explore and take my skills and knowledge to another level and wanted to know and learn how carpentry in a different country, so in 2012 I moved to Canada. I worked hard and achieved my second business named Sam wood working Inc. I have managed to complete  many classic, elegant, beautiful and reminiscent  projects .At Sam wood working we give the customers a wide range of designs that suits with their lifestyle and open minded on sharing ideas to achieve their dream kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, basements and vanity at low cost from the smallest space you have. At Sam Wood Working we work and deliver from our heart.